The Professional Prenatal Nutrition Program

Set your business apart and become a certified expert in prenatal nutrition - from preconception to postpartum - with this evidence-based, practical course designed specifically for professionals who support birthing families (or want to!).  

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Do you have a special interest in nutrition for the pregnancy journey?

If you're here, I know you're an expert already - maybe in nutrition, maybe in birth, postpartum, or other forms of prenatal care.

I also know that your potential clients are in the time in their lives where nutrition matters the most -

and they have questions, worries, and complaints they need tailored, accurate support with.

How amazing would it feel to confidently help them with this?

Imagine reaching more people who need and want your support and being able to holistically

impact their lives and pregnancy/postpartum experience, all without the

years it takes to study pre/post natal nutrition on your own.

That's where the professional program has you covered.

We do things differently here.

Sure - you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the evidence-based nutritional needs for every stage of the pregnancy journey - but that's not all.

This program is person-centered and food-first, which means everything you learn will be directly applicable to the real life experiences and complaints your clients are dealing with.

Nausea? Food aversions? Gestational Diabetes? Postpartum exhaustion?

The goal is not to train you to teach the 'gold standard' of prenatal nutrition on rinse-and-repeat for each client - that doesn't actually work.

The goal is for you to be able to offer custom support your clients - meeting them exactly where they are - to offer realistic, practical support, solutions, recipes, and recommendations that will help them feel their best AND meet nutrient needs.

Feel like the ways people teach and communicate nutrition advice feels off?

You're not alone. I felt it too. Many people are turned off by nutrition advice - it feels judgemental, clinical, and hard to do, especially in a stage like pregnancy and new parenthood.

This type of advice doesn't work and simply adds to the guilt. But the fact remains - nutrition during this stage is more critically important than any other time in our lifespan.

I found that the more I started to do things my way - taking a non-judgemental, non-diet, real-life approach - the more clients and success I attracted.

In this program, you'll learn the blueprint for this - the evidence and facts you need to know to be a prenatal nutrition pro - and the practical application and client support approaches that will help the people you support be and feel truly nourished - and confident.

Together we're going to start a movement to create more nourished parents and babies - are you in?


12-week Core Course

In the 12-week core course, weekly classes will walk you through the nutritional needs and practical implications for each stage of the pregnancy journey - including all of the common complaints and complications.

We'll dive into preconception and fertility, each trimester, multiples, vegetarian and vegan pregnancies, postpartum healing, depletion and mental health - and so much more.

3-week Infant Nutrition Mini-Course (OPTIONAL)

In this optional 3-week infant nutrition course, you'll expand your expertise to include breastfeeding and formula nutrition along with an evidence and food-based look at infant food introduction.

The Final Assignment

Applying your new expertise directly to your business (even if you don't have one yet!) with support is one of the most important and beneficial components of the program!

For the final assignment, you will create an offering - a workshop, group program, coaching protocol, ebook, guide, cookbook proposal, or other resource or service (Yes! You'll have this done all within the course timeline - no analysis paralysis or imposter syndrome here!).

This is the ultimate ROI on your program investment - and you will get individualized productive feedback from Lindsay to ensure you feel confident and prepared to get your offering out there!

*Classes rotate between 12pm and 7pm EDT to accommodate varying schedules and time zones . Classes are recorded and made available to those who cannot attend live.

What's learning with me like?

I could tell you, but - I think you'd rather hear form recent students!

I absolutely loved this course. This is the information pregnancy support people need to know and frankly what pregnant people should be learning. I learned so much that I wish I would have know to help past clients/friends. I’m excited to take the info learned and put it into practice for my future clients and others I help support.

- Dacia

I feel way more capable of guiding someone preparing for pregnancy, during and after childbirth when it comes to the nutrients they need at each stage, the foods they can get it from and a lot of tips to achieve those goals in the pregnancy scenario - exhaused and lacking time. The knowledge on conditions that can appear in pregnancy and how to avoid or work around them has been invaluable, since we rarely - if ever - talked about those conditions in nutrition school, and such conditions may very well be the reason why someone would go out of their way to get the help of a nutritionist. I am certainly more confident setting up my practice for this niche market of clients that was exactly what I wanted to specialise in since I graduated!

- Désirée

This course has already influenced so many interactions with my doula clients - I have been able to provide easy tips and tricks to improve their perinatal experience. But truthfully, taking this course has provided ME with the motivation and excitement about nutrition personally, that I have made it a priority to fuel myself well, and I am seeing a huge, huge shift in my own energy and mental clarity, which in turn has and will continue to benefit my clients, as I will be presenting them with a more optimal me!

- Jessica

Before pregnancy I was at a bit of a crossroads with my career and a bit lost in life in general. It wasn't until a few months postpartum that the pregnancy experience really sunk in and I realized the overwhelming ways that my body changed and the lack of corresponding nutrition support I received. It was at this time that I started dabbling in the idea of focusing my business on prenatal nutrition. I think it was only a month or two after that that Lindsay advertised her prenatal program and the rest is history as they say! I truly believe this course was the push I needed to (1) fully commit to this idea and (2) take action on it. I really appreciated the thorough content and corresponding literature resources, the real-world examples and all the networking between classmates. I've taken a lot of courses (bit of a forever student as they say) and this course is without a doubt one of my favourites. Thank you so much for taking the leap yourself and sharing your expertise! 

- Mary-Margaret

This course has significantly built upon my foundational nutrition knowledge as well as my own research on nutrition during the prenatal and postpartum period.  It has given me a confidence I did not have before on how to hone in on really addressing nutritional needs for different symptoms and stages of the pregnancy journey.  I feel I can confidently support future clients through this knowledge and the practical and applicable examples provided in this course and through the conversations with my classmates and Lindsay.

- Jackie

I loved how in depth the information was - and the course definitely reinvigorated my desire to work within nutrition and for families who are TTC, pregnant and postpartum. While I had scratched the surface of information that the class provided, it offered so much more context and real world application, that I feel more confident & comfortable moving forward working with folks.

- Xenna