Virtual high five! If you want to feel confident that you’re eating in a way that will support your preconception, pregnancy, or postpartum journey – I've got you!

Figuring out what to eat, what meals to make, and what to add in your grocery cart can feel so stressful and overwhelming! You don’t want to worry that you’re missing crucial nutrients, and you want the peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to build a healthy baby (and mom!)

I totally get it, because I felt like that too. It turns out so many of us – more than 90% of us – don’t meet key nutrient needs for pregnancy and are dissatisfied with the nutrition support we get from conventional prenatal care.

It shouldn’t be this way!

That's why I've created a customized 1:1 coaching program for Mama's like you!


Hi! I’m Lindsay Taylor

Cookbook author, doula, researcher + nutrition coach supporting women to get confident and nourished to support their preconception, pregnancy, or postpartum journey.

Inside my coaching program, we identify what nutrients are missing from your diet and make a plan to use simple, practical meals, recipes, and snacks to optimize outcomes for you and baby.

Outcomes we know food and nutrition play a crucial role in, like:

  • Enhanced fertility and a lower risk of miscarriage
  • A boost to baby’s brain, neurological, and behavioural development
  • A greater likelihood of happy delivery outcomes such as healthy birth weight and length of gestation
  • The management of prenatal complaints like nausea, fatigue, reflux, constipation and anemia
  • A possibly lower risk of perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression

My coaching programs are totally individualized and we meet you wherever you are – to get in essential nutrients, to feel good, and to get confident in the kitchen for pregnancy and for nourishing your family as it grows.

Book a free clarity call to see if this would be a good fit for you!